Information about Mp3 file format

Development of Mp3 file format started in 1987, with a joint operation of University of Erlangen and Fraunhofer IIS-A. In course of time this format become extremely popular because of it's benefits. It has high compression rates that it is 1/11 of the original size, with considerable quality. It's quality of compression is very good that most of time you cannot distinguish between this format and original materials. This format is most popular format for storing and downloading music.

When we compress the original songs to transform into Mp3 file format then every time it reduces number of bytes. Due to this compression, original songs retain its audio quality that is near CD-quality and also have smaller file size. As we know that if compressed file has higher bit-rate then, it's size will be larger. Smaller file allows the songs to be faster download from the INTERNET. One of the simplest type of mp3 file uses one bit rate for entire file known as constant bit rate encoding file. It is possible to create that type of file which contain different bit rate throughout the file. So overall quality of Mp3 file depends upon that lower bit rate for less complex part and higher bit rate for more complex part.

An average song is somewhat 4 to 5 min long. That song contain about 40 mb but if it converted in mp3 file format then it need only 4 mb storage space. It means that due to containing low storage space, at least 250 songs can be stored in only 1gb storage space. Mp3 introduces with several features but on the other hand sometimes, it also create problems. Due to several reasons it can be corrupt that causes the loss of Mp3 file. But this is not a very big issue because there are several kinds of mp3 repair tools are available that can repair your important mp3 file.

So mp3 file format is provides several facility that it contains low disk space with very good audio quality, easy to repair and it supports almost all audio media player.